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New Web Site Feature

February 8th, 2016 posted by John Rains

Under the References Tab you will find a link to the latest CMGC “Local Rules”. Please take a minute to open the link, print out a copy of these rules and familiarize yourself with them. Avoid being penalized in a tournament for now knowing the rules of the club!

Bill Pultz
CMGC Rules Chairman

Wednesday Play

January 15th, 2016 posted by John Rains

Get out for a midweek holiday and join CMGC Members for Wednesday Play. The following are instructions on how to join the Wednesday morning play.

Every Wednesday morning at 7 AM in the clubhouse, a random drawing is conducted for all men whether or not they are CMGC members, to determine the priority for selecting starting times for the next Wednesday’s play. You must be present to draw, and no person may sign up for more than one starting time.  Those with starting times on or before 7:15 AM may draw early.

Wednesday Men’s Club Games are for CMGC members only. The entry fee is $5.00.  Members are expected to use the “Rules of Golf” as their guide, and fill out score cards completely, legibly, and correctly. Individual Low Net and Better Ball of Partners are the two games that alternate each week. Individual Low Net games are divided into three flights according to handicaps. Better Ball of Partners games have only one flight.  When the game is Better Ball of Partners is may be necessary for one Member to partner with two Members within his playing group.  The Member who plays on two teams pays a $10.00 entry fee, not the usual $5.00 fee.

Cash payouts are awarded to winners in each flight, Chip-Ins, Closest to the Pin (#5 and #11), Eagles, and Holes-In-One.  There is a Hole-in-One Insurance game, where the pot is paid to the Member who scores a Hole-In-One on any hole and has paid the $1.00 for “insurance”.

The final results of the game will be posted on the bulletin board outside the CMGC office along with the tee times for the following Wednesday. They will also be posted on the website.

Mark Andrews – Wednesday Play

“Taking Care Of Our Bunkers”

January 15th, 2016 posted by John Rains

How many times have you noticed numerous footprints or other irregularities when entering a bunker to play a shot? Those irregularities are not interfering with the lie of your ball or in the area where your ball may come to rest if you don’t get out of the bunker with your next shot.  Can you rake those areas prior to making your shot?  The answer is you may do so per the change in Rule 13-4 which took place recently. Rule 13-4 prohibits the player from doing three things.

  1. Testing the condition of the hazard.
  2. Touching the ground in the hazard with your hand or club.
  3. Touching or removing loose impediments lying in or touching the hazard.

Exception (2) of that Rule provides as follows:

“At any time, the player may smooth sand or soil in a hazard provided this is for the sole purpose of caring for the course and nothing is done to breach Rule 13-2 with respect to his next stroke. If a ball played from a hazard is outside the hazard after the stroke, the player may smooth sand or soil in the hazard without restriction.”

This exception allows you to rake those areas in the bunker prior to and after you play your shot. You are encouraged to do so long as it is for the sole purpose of caring for the course.

Bill Pultz- Rules Chairman

Rules of Golf: 27-2

November 7th, 2015 posted by Ken Hafner

A situation came up recently in one of our weekend events where a player hit his tee shot and went forward and commenced searching for it. When he was unable to find it he wanted to return to the tee and play a provisional ball in the hopes that the ball might be found within the five minute period the rules permit before the ball is lost. What he wanted to do is not permitted under Rule 27-2.  Under that rule, the player must inform a fellow-competitor in his group that he intends to play a provisional ball, and he must play it before he goes forward to search for his original ball.  Decision 27-2a/1.5 defines the meaning of “Goes Forward to Search” as follows:

Meaning of “Goes Forward to Search”

Q. Under Rule 27-2a, when is a player considered to have gone forward to search for the original ball such that a provisional ball cannot be played?

A. A player will be considered to have gone forward to search when he has proceeded more than a short distance towards the place where his original ball is likely to be. As the purpose of Rule 27-2a is to save time, the player is permitted to go forward a short distance before determining that it would save time to return promptly to play a provisional ball. As a guideline, a player should be considered to have proceeded more than a short distance, and therefore to have gone forward to search, if he has proceeded more than approximately 50 yards. However, this guideline does not preclude a player from playing a provisional ball when he has proceeded more than a short distance for another specific purpose, such as to retrieve a ball or a different club to play a provisional ball, or to confer with a referee.

Bill Pultz-Rules Chairman

Instructions for On-line Tournament Entry/Change/Cancellation

March 30th, 2015 posted by Ken Hafner

Now that the Tournament Entry function has been enabled on our new website, members are encourage to use it. This attachment provides helpful instructions to guide you through the entry, modification and cancellation processes: CMGC Tournament Entry Reference Guide

From the Handicap Chairman, Tom Weiks

January 14th, 2015 posted by Ken Hafner

Tom Weiks, our Handicap Chairman has struggled reading the scorecards submitted by our members, primarily due to incompleteness.  This attachment provides guidance that may help all of us do a better job, making his much easier: Filling-out Scorecards