Yearly Dues Payment

The dues for regular members is $150 before Oct 1. From Oct 1 through Oct 31, the dues are $175. After Oct 31, you will be dropped from membership automatically.

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Pro Shop Changes

August 21st, 2015 posted by Ken Hafner

In February of 2017, long time Coronado Golf Course Professional Ron Yarbrough will be retiring. Coronado Men’s Golf Club has enjoyed a long relationship with Ron, and very much appreciate all he has done over the years in support of our Club.

For many years we have been awarding pro shop credits (CHITS) as winning prizes for all of our tournaments. Because of Ron’s planned retirement the Men’s Club will discontinue the practice of awarding Pro Shop CHITS as our tournament prizes. Beginning with the September, 2015 tournaments we will instead issue gift cards to Golf Mart as our tournament prizes.

Club members having a balance in their CHIT accounts will have until the end of 2016 to empty their accounts. As you may know CHITS can be used for pro shop merchandise, range balls or cart fees. Any unused balances on December 31, 2016 will NOT be refunded, so make sure you use your credits before that date.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE RE: 2016 CMGC Membership Renewal

August 13th, 2015 posted by Ken Hafner

Your 2016 CMGC membership dues must be paid by September 30, 2015! The dues for 2016 are as follows: $150 for Regular Membership if received by September 30, 2015 (and $175 if received between October 1 and October 31, 2015), $50 for non-golfer Social Membership, and $35 for Life Members who elect to maintain SCGA membership and their handicap index through the club. Life Members who do not keep a SCGA handicap pay $0. Junior Members pay $0.

No dues will be accepted after October 31, 2015. If your dues are not received by that date, your membership will be terminated and given to someone on the waiting list. Don’t let that happen.

Regular Members must renew by paying online using a credit card or a PayPal account through PayPal on the CMGC website.  Click on “Pay Dues” above to start the process of paying your 2016 CMGC membership dues.

Social Members, and Life Members who want to keep their SCGA handicap must fill-out the form and mail or deliver their payments as instructed within the form.  Click here to open the file/form => 2016 CMGC Membership Renewal App

If any of your contact information has changed during the last year, you must also provide us all of the necessary information using the aforementioned form or by emailing Monty McIntryre at

Instructions for On-line Tournament Entry/Change/Cancellation

March 30th, 2015 posted by Ken Hafner

Now that the Tournament Entry function has been enabled on our new website, members are encourage to use it. This attachment provides helpful instructions to guide you through the entry, modification and cancellation processes: CMGC Tournament Entry Reference Guide

From the Handicap Chairman, Tom Weiks

January 14th, 2015 posted by Ken Hafner

Tom Weiks, our Handicap Chairman has struggled reading the scorecards submitted by our members, primarily due to incompleteness.  This attachment provides guidance that may help all of us do a better job, making his much easier: Filling-out Scorecards