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Message from the Handicap Chair…..GHIN Issue Affecting Members

April 20th, 2016 posted by John Rains

We wanted to make you aware of a GHIN issue that has affected our members, as well as golfers nationally, this week.

Currently, the GHIN mobile app is down, and posting computers at golf courses have intermittently seen problems as well.

Please know that is fully operational, so we encourage all members to head there to post scores and look up Handicap Indexes. We hope you can help us communicate this to the members of your club. In addition, we have posted this note on our website.

We do not yet have a timetable from the USGA on when these issues will be resolved, but will let you know when we do. Sorry for the inconvenience.

SCGA Staff

SPECIAL EVENT: Come Meet the SCGA Rules Crew at 5:00pm before the May 10th General Membership Meeting

April 13th, 2016 posted by John Rains

At 5pm in the Coronado Clubhouse Conference check out Jimmy Becker and Matt Pollack the popular duo from SCGA TV Rules Crew. Go to the SCGA site and see how they provide on course answers to Rules questions you will encounter while playing a round of golf.

During the 50 minute presentation the Rules Crew will specifically address how the water hazard rules under Rule 26 will apply to Hole #9 (including the drop zone on Hole #9) and Hole #16 (dealing with the local rule) and the application of Rule 25 (ground under repair) dealing with the tennis courts.

Upcoming CMGC General Membership Meeting

April 13th, 2016 posted by John Rains

Please mark your calendar for the upcoming General Membership Meeting to be held in the Coronado Clubhouse Conference Room on Tuesday, May 10th.

May 10, 2016

5:00 – SCGA Rules Presentation

6:00 – Dinner Social

6:45 – Membership Meeting

Substituted Ball…..What Do The Rules Say!

April 7th, 2016 posted by John Rains

During our Two Man Scramble event Todd Gustafson ,prior to teeing off in the event, wanted to know if a different ball could be used for putting than the ball that was used to reach the putting green.

Fortunately the Tournament Chairman was present to informed the Todd that using a different ball to putt with than what was used to reach the green would not be permissible and Rule 15-1 and 15-2 provides as follows: 

15-1. General

A player must hole out with the ball played from the teeing ground, unless the ball is lost or out of bounds or the player substitutes another ball, whether or not substitution is permitted (see Rule 15-2). If a player plays a wrong ball, see Rule 15-3.

15-2. Substituted Ball

A player may substitute a ball when proceeding under a Rule that permits the player to play, drop or place another ball in completing the play of a hole. The substituted ball becomes the ball in play.

If a player substitutes a ball when not permitted to do so under the Rules (including an unintentional substitution when a wrong ball is dropped or placed by the player), that substituted ball is not a wrong ball; it becomes the ball in play. If the mistake is not corrected as provided in Rule 20-6 and the player makes a stroke at an incorrectly substituted ballhe loses the hole in match play or incurs a penalty of two strokes in stroke play under the applicable Rule and, in stroke play, must play out the hole with the substituted ball.

Exception: If a player incurs a penalty for making a stroke from a wrong place, there is no additional penalty for substituting a ball when not permitted.

There is no rule that permits one to use a different ball to putt with. Fortunately Todd and his partner did not substitute a different ball to putt with and ended up winning their flight.

Bill Pultz, Rules Chairman


SCGA North County Golf League

March 21st, 2016 posted by John Rains

Looking to play in a competitive yet friendly atmosphere? Think about the all new SCGA Golf Leagues! A North County league is forming to be played May 18-July 27 in a (9) hole shotgun format at Twin Oaks in San Marcos.

If interested find the link to the SGCA Golf Leagues page.


Coronado Men’s Golf Club Team Ends Successful Season

March 21st, 2016 posted by John Rains

On March 12th the 2016 the Coronado Men’s Golf Club Team was matched against Bonita Men’s Club and were able to grab the victory with a dominate performance at home where we obtained 21 out of a possible 24 points!

The next round of SCGA Team Playoffs was this past weekend on March 19th at Bella Collina of San Clemente. The local Members took advantage of the course knowledge on the Gary Player designed layout and defeated Coronado Men’s Golf Club Team. We were able to collect 6 points, but not enough to stop the 18 collected by Bella Collina.

Our Coronado Men’s Golf Club Team was able to achieve a Round of 16 this season for the Club a feat has not been accomplished by CMGC in many years and we hope to build on this successful season.

2016 Coronado Men’s Golf Team:

Mike Barbieri, Dick Braun, Chris Cuyugan, Tim Daly, Howard Dayton, Artie Debaca, Daryl Green, Ken Hafner, Ledge Hakes, Mark Judd, Dave Kephart, Jim Laslavic, Pete Lavallee, Ken Marion, Ernie Martinez, Ron Moss, Bill Norris, Mike O’Connor, Doug Owen, Dan Parker, Bob Plumb, Bob Swisher, Steve Turner, and Pat Walsh.

Rule 3-3 Doubt as to Procedure & Rule 25-1c Ball in Abnormal Ground Condition Not Found

February 29th, 2016 posted by John Rains

Rule 3-3 Doubt as to Procedure 

Rule 25-1c Ball in Abnormal Ground Condition Not Found 

It helps to know about the above two rules. Just ask Jim Powell as he correctly applied these rules recently in the President’s Cup event. Jim’s second shot on hole 18 was determined to and agreed by his fellow competitors in his foursome to be “virtually certain” to have come to rest in the pile of sawdust. The pile was just short right of the 18th hole that was marked as ground under repair (GUR). Not being able to find and identify his ball Jim was not certain how to proceed. He elected to play a second ball under Rule 3-3 Doubt as to Procedure which is permitted in stroke play. He dropped a ball in the appropriate place behind the GUR in accordance with Rule 25-1c, Ball in Abnormal Ground Condition Not Found, which is allowed if a ball is known or virtually certain that the ball is in the abnormal ground condition. He told his fellow competitors that he wanted to score with that ball if the rules permitted. He then proceeded to hole the shot for an eagle 3 if the rules would permit. Jim then went back to the spot where he played his second shot and played a second ball from there into the hole for a higher score with that ball then with the first ball he played. Jim then complied with a critical aspect of the rule. He got in a cart and drove out on the course to report to the Rules Committee or Tournament Chairman the facts involved with his application of the Rule 3-3. It was determined that Jim had acted properly and that the ball played under Rule 25-1c counted. Had Jim failed to report the facts to the Rules Committee or Tournament Chairman he would have received the penalty of disqualification. Jim finished very high in his flight thanks to his knowledge of the rules.  

Bill Pultz, Rules Chairman


New Web Site Feature

February 8th, 2016 posted by John Rains

Under the References Tab you will find a link to the latest CMGC “Local Rules”. Please take a minute to open the link, print out a copy of these rules and familiarize yourself with them. Avoid being penalized in a tournament for now knowing the rules of the club!

Bill Pultz
CMGC Rules Chairman

Wednesday Play

January 15th, 2016 posted by John Rains

Get out for a midweek holiday and join CMGC Members for Wednesday Play. The following are instructions on how to join the Wednesday morning play.

Every Wednesday morning at 7 AM in the clubhouse, a random drawing is conducted for all men whether or not they are CMGC members, to determine the priority for selecting starting times for the next Wednesday’s play. You must be present to draw, and no person may sign up for more than one starting time.  Those with starting times on or before 7:15 AM may draw early.

Wednesday Men’s Club Games are for CMGC members only. The entry fee is $5.00.  Members are expected to use the “Rules of Golf” as their guide, and fill out score cards completely, legibly, and correctly. Individual Low Net and Better Ball of Partners are the two games that alternate each week. Individual Low Net games are divided into three flights according to handicaps. Better Ball of Partners games have only one flight.  When the game is Better Ball of Partners is may be necessary for one Member to partner with two Members within his playing group.  The Member who plays on two teams pays a $10.00 entry fee, not the usual $5.00 fee.

Cash payouts are awarded to winners in each flight, Chip-Ins, Closest to the Pin (#5 and #11), Eagles, and Holes-In-One.  There is a Hole-in-One Insurance game, where the pot is paid to the Member who scores a Hole-In-One on any hole and has paid the $1.00 for “insurance”.

The final results of the game will be posted on the bulletin board outside the CMGC office along with the tee times for the following Wednesday. They will also be posted on the website.

Mark Andrews – Wednesday Play

From the Handicap Chairman, Tom Weiks

January 14th, 2015 posted by Ken Hafner

Tom Weiks, our Handicap Chairman has struggled reading the scorecards submitted by our members, primarily due to incompleteness.  This attachment provides guidance that may help all of us do a better job, making his much easier: Filling-out Scorecards