Presidents Cup Signups

These players have not paid their tournament fee. You are not in the tournament until your fee has been paid.
If you have completed payment, but it is not yet recorded, be patient as PayPal may not have notified us yet. Notify the tournament director if payment is not recorded after 24 hours.
Requested TimePlayersActions
6am-7am Morgan, RobPay   Remove   Replace   Modify
8am-9am Arwine, WilliamPay   Remove   Replace   Modify
These players have signed up and have paid.
Requested TimePlayersActions
8am-9am Morton, TomRemove   Replace   Modify   Add
7am-8am Moulton, Greg --- McDonough, MarkRemove   Replace   Modify   Add
7am-8am Senkier, Michael --- Smith, StephenRemove   Replace   Modify   Add
7am-8am Varelia, Paul --- Cincotta, Brian --- Collins, Myles --- Ryan, ThomasRemove   Replace   Modify   Add
6am-7am Pietrzak, Edward --- Fleming, Francis --- Determan, Paul --- Nelson, TommyRemove   Replace   Modify   Add
8am-9am Chavez, RobertRemove   Replace   Modify   Add
8am-9am Bastarache, Ed --- Murray, Chris --- Koudelka, Steve --- Everroad, ScottRemove   Replace   Modify   Add
7am-8am Spane, RobertRemove   Replace   Modify   Add
7am-8am Volpi, Gordon --- Dickie, Jon --- Rolfe, Patrick --- Kulp, AlanRemove   Replace   Modify   Add
6am-7am Goodwin, Dan --- Greaves, R Creig --- Papas, Leo --- Post, GregRemove   Replace   Modify   Add
8am-9am Wickliffe, Bob --- Mayhall, LarryRemove   Replace   Modify   Add
6am-7am Blair, George --- Wilson, Hernand --- Hudson, David --- Dorris, RandyRemove   Replace   Modify   Add
8am-9am Pindiak, StevenRemove   Replace   Modify   Add
8am-9am McGaffigan, RichardRemove   Replace   Modify   Add
8am-9am Bennet, Jim --- Morris, BillRemove   Replace   Modify   Add
7am-8am Skinner, Robert --- Walsh, KevinRemove   Replace   Modify   Add