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Golf Course Ponds Update

(From the City of Coronado Recreation and Golf Services)

The scope of the ponds project was to clean out debris from the pond basins and to troubleshoot and repair the well system that fills the ponds with water. The emptying the ponds was accomplished through a team effort including several departments within the city organization. Once the ponds had been emptied, a contractor moved in and cleaned out the debris from within the basins. Hundreds of yards of material were removed and hauled to a disposal area.

The water for the ponds comes from a well near #9 tee. Over the last three years the production of water from our well had dwindled to almost nothing. Golf staff hired a contractor to video the well in order to investigate the source of the problem. We found that over the years, the screens in the well had completely sealed up with salt. This was not surprising as the water from the well is highly sodic (basically sea water). Our team decided to perform rehabilitation work to the well to restore water production for filling and maintaining the water level in the ponds by cleaning the screens in the well. The screens are what allows the ground water to pass into the well hole.  A contractor was hired and began work in August of this year. Unfortunately, as the contractor was working, the well collapsed. At that point staff investigated the problem by shooting another video of the well and found that approximately one half of the well had indeed collapsed. We are not able to save the well in its current state. Staff is now researching options for a reliable, affordable and ethical source of water for the ponds.

The City is committed to finding a solution and will keep you updated as the project develops.

Please accept our humble apologies for any inconveniences the project has caused.

Rules Corner

A men’s club player recently while playing the par 3 fifteenth hole hit the fence that protects golf balls from going into the tennis courts to the right of the hole with his tee shot. The player wanted to know if the shot could be replayed without penalty. The answer is that it can not be replayed without penalty.
Rule 19 deals with a ball in motion deflected or stopped. Rule 19-1 provides as follows:

19-1. By Outside Agency

If a player’s ball in motion is accidentally deflected or stopped by any outside agency, it is a rub of the green, there is no penalty and the ball must be played as it lies”

The Definition of an Outside Agency is as follows:

Outside Agency

“In match play, an “outside agency” is any agency other than either the player’s or opponent’s side, any caddie of either side, any ball played by either side at the hole being played or any equipment of either side.

In stroke play, an outside agency is any agency other than the competitor’s side, any caddie of the side, any ball played by the side at the hole being played or any equipment of the side.

An outside agency includes a referee, a marker, an observer and a forecaddie. Neither wind nor water is an outside agency.”

Bill Pultz, Rules Chairman