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Local Rules Update

Please note the CMGC Rules Committee has updated CMGC Local Rules which may be found under the References tab.  The CMGC Rules Committee has adopted the new rule for a lost ball or a ball out of bounds.  These rules will be in effect for all tournaments after January 15th, 2019.


2019 Changes to the Rules of Golf – Summary

2019 ushers in significant changes to the Rules of Golf.  A summary of those changes has been uploaded to the References page of the Men’s Club’s website and can also be found here:  2019 Rules Changes

Rules Corner

A men’s club player recently while playing the par 3 fifteenth hole hit the fence that protects golf balls from going into the tennis courts to the right of the hole with his tee shot. The player wanted to know if the shot could be replayed without penalty. The answer is that it can not be replayed without penalty.
Rule 19 deals with a ball in motion deflected or stopped. Rule 19-1 provides as follows:

19-1. By Outside Agency

If a player’s ball in motion is accidentally deflected or stopped by any outside agency, it is a rub of the green, there is no penalty and the ball must be played as it lies”

The Definition of an Outside Agency is as follows:

Outside Agency

“In match play, an “outside agency” is any agency other than either the player’s or opponent’s side, any caddie of either side, any ball played by either side at the hole being played or any equipment of either side.

In stroke play, an outside agency is any agency other than the competitor’s side, any caddie of the side, any ball played by the side at the hole being played or any equipment of the side.

An outside agency includes a referee, a marker, an observer and a forecaddie. Neither wind nor water is an outside agency.”

Bill Pultz, Rules Chairman