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Message from the President

Dear Members,

Now that we’re more than halfway through the calendar year, I want to provide an update on our club.  First, I’d like to congratulate all the winners of the 2022 tournaments to-date.  A special recognition to Randy Dorris for winning the Senior Club Championship.  In August we will be crowning the new Member – Member champions, and in September we will be crowning the next Club Champion.  Good luck to everyone that will be competing.

One of my main goals as your President is to have clear and open communication with full disclosure on the operation of our club.  Please feel free to reach out to me or any Board Member if you have a question, suggestion, or a concern.  Please see below a list of questions that have been raised recently with corresponding responses.

In closing, I would like to again give thanks to the 2022 Board Members and the many volunteers that work hard to keep our club as one of the best anywhere.

Stay safe, play well and good luck.

Brian Enright 

CMGC – Frequent Questions Over Previous Year:

1. When will new member applications be accepted again?

ans: The current wait list period is over 4 years.  A new enrollment period is being considered to accept applications from January thru March (after new member enrollment has been determined).  All members will be notified when the membership applications re-open.

2. Why does it take so long to get purse money into the Pro Shop?

ans:  As soon as the player purse amounts are finalized by the tournament committee a check is requested from Bank of America to the Pro Shop.  It usually takes about four or five days for the check to arrive to the Pro Shop.  The tournament chairman also gives the pro shop a list of chits by player.  It is then up to the Pro Shop to manually enter the amounts into the player accounts.

3. What’s the status with the ponds on #8 and #9?

ans:  A new water well and pump have been installed.  When they’ll be completed is TBD.

4. What’s happening with the water treatment project?

ans:  Unknown.  Rumor suggests that the project was determined to be cost prohibitive. Will work at providing a more definitive answer.

5. Is it a free drop for cart path continuation dirt and from the dirt road on #18?

ans:  NO. Unless an area is clearly marked with a white line for ground-under-repair, the ball is to be played as it lies (no free relief).  The dirt road along #18 is always in play (no free relief). 

6. Will Green tee selection for over 65 continue in 2023?

ans:  Before the end of the year the Board will review and discuss the impact of this year’s trial run.  The Board’s decision will be communicated to everyone before the enrollment period in January.

7. Do marshals get to determine who is slow and could be penalized?

ans:  The marshals only provide a report of slow groups to the tournament committee.  To confirm the marshals report, and before taking any action, the committee looks at the slow groups GG pace of play and contacts other groups around the reported slow group to determine if a penalty is justified.

8. When do you use an “Xn” style score in the GG mobile app vs not using it?

ans:  The Xn score should only be used when a player is to be DQ’d for a rule’s infraction (i.e: in a individual low net event when a player picks-up and doesn’t finish a hole is a DQ).  The number(n) after the Xn should be the max net double bogey for the players handicap on the hole.  Never put all X’s for a player that doesn’t show up to play.  And don’t put Xn scores in games like Stableford points or BB or Partners because a zero point or the partner lower score does not mean a DQ.  An X score DQs the player. 

9. Why is GG scoring on course required; can’t we just do it afterwards?

ans:  Live scoring is used to monitor pace of play and gives everyone the ability to watch a live leaderboard during the round.  Please enter GG scores after every hole and validate the GG totals to a written scorecard after the 18th hole. 

10. Is the $10 Daily Pool coming back?

ans:  Maybe?  Some considerations are: to pay out in pro shop chits (not cash envelops); modify the website to collect the $10 entry at registration time; or maybe have the pro shop collect the $10 entry fee while marking who paid (like $5 Wed play).  The payouts could then be shown in the GG purse payouts under a different daily tournament.

11. How are board elections being done? 

ans:  Elections are done per our constitution.  At least six weeks prior to each annual election meeting, the Board of Governors appoints a Nominating Committee of one Board member and two Regular Members who nominate candidates for the Board of Governors to be voted on by the Board of Governors and presented for approval at the November General/Election meeting.  The officers of the Club are elected to those positions by the Board of Governors before the November General/Election meeting and hold office for a period of one calendar year and until their successors are chosen and installed.

2023 Annual Dues Announcement

Beginning September 1st 2022, CMGC members will be able to pay their 2023 annual membership dues on this website.

Regular members are $160.00 if received by September 30th 2022 and $185.00 if received by October 31st 2022.

Any Regular member who has been a member in good standing for at least five years upon attaining the age of 80 will become a Life member and pay $36.00 in annual dues.

CMGC member’s dues not received by October 31st 2022 will relinquish their CMGC membership.

Steve Smith and Kirk Graham win the Member-Guest in July

Steven Sell and Jeff Sell came in 2nd place based on the card off.

Mark Judd, Robert Cabico, David Kovack, Rudy Rangel,Marc McClosskey, Andy Houlette, Ken Peterson, Gordon Volpi, Donnie Mariani, Leo Merk, Tim Ragus, Eric Robledo, Jim Schaller, Ramon, Navarro, Steve Falletta, Scott Billion, and Lenny Fraitag and Scott Marshall all tied for 3rd Place.

Also thanks to Patrick Walsh for supplying gift cards to the Brigantine restaurants. Always thanks for the members and guests who participated. And as always, remember, keep up with the group in front of your group. The pace of play was overall good, especially on Sunday again.

Congratulations to David Kephart, winner of the John Ruedi Memorial

First Flight:  Bob Swisher won with Paul Albitz (gross 66 on Sunday), Eric Bersano, Alan Wickenden, Dave Hilfman, Chris Murray and Thomas Smith all tying for 2nd place.

Second Flight: Duane Admire and Jim Lyon tied for 1st with Brian Enright, David Kovack and Ken Bien tying for 3rd place.

Third Flight:  David Valia won with Steve Smith in 2nd place with Art Duffey, Tony Evans and Bill Pultz tying for 3rd place.

Fourth Flight:  Dave Kephart won with John DeProspo in 2nd place with Karl Christensen and Patrick Walsh tying for 3rd place.

Congratulations to Kirk Ferris for a hole-in-one on #9 on Saturday. It took them a while to find it in the hole, so that slowed up play a bit. Kirk had a tab going at the bar on Sunday afternoon, thanks for the beer Kirk. Also thanks to Patrick Walsh for supplying gift cards to the Brigantine restaurants. Always thanks for the members who participated. And as always, remember, keep up with the group in front of your group. The pace of play was overall good, especially on Sunday.

Congratulations to Marty Dine for winning the July Satellite

First Flight:  Marty won in a card off with John DeProspo in 2nd place with Lance DeGrazier and Brian Cincotta tying for 3rd place.

Second Flight: Frank Fleming tied with Lenny Fraitag tied for 1st with John Eves and Don Hiney tying for 3rd place.

Third Flight:  Tommy Nelson won with David Koravos and Michael O’Day tying for 2nd place.

Fourth Flight:  Bill Subang won with Mike Williams and Chris Yturralde tying for 2nd place.

It was a different format where the flights were alphabetized. It actually matched the winners if it was done buy handicaps. Thanks for the members who participated. And as always, remember, keep up with the group in front of your group. The pace of play was good, but it could have been better.

Congratulations to Randy Dorris for winning the 2022 CMGC Senior Championship.

Scratch Flight: Randy won with a gross two day score of -3, with Ken Kubis in 2nd place with Paul Albitz and Lance DeGrazier tying for 3rd place.

First Flight:  Ken Hafner came in 1st place with Ken Peterson in 2nd place with David Matthews and Keith Hughes tying for 3rd place.

Second Flight: Robert Rucci won with Bob Podoloff in 2nd place and John DeProspo in 3rd place.

Third Flight:  Dean Nelson won with David Koravos in 2nd place with Ron Stone in 3rd. Congratulations to George Blair, our club’s Super Senior (>80) champion.

Congratulations to Stephen Miles who had a hole-in-one on Saturday at the 11th. Thanks for the members who participated. And as always, remember, keep up with the group in front of your group. The pace of play was good, but it could have been better.