Koravos and Bien Close Strong to Win the Ron Yarbrough Member-Member Classic

The Ron Yarbrough Member-Member Classic was played August 19-20 with a field of 145 Members competing in two flights.

The team of Ken Bien and David Koravos won Flight 1 and the tournament with a net eclectic 56, including 6 gross birdies on Sunday!  The teams of Bill Wilson and Randy Dorris, Jeff Olson and Ronald Scurr, David Paulsen and Glenn Miller tied for 2nd place with a net eclectic 58.

The teams of Mike and Matt Gallagher with Alan Grogan and Emmett Coe tied to win Flight 2 with a net eclectic 57.  The teams of David Kephart and Ted Taylor and Rainer Busch and Jeff Armstrong tied for 2nd place with a net eclectic 58.

The Board of Governors invited Ron Yarbrough to play in the event, but unfortunately he was not able to participate this year.  The CMGC BOG want to thank and honor Ron for his years of service to the City of Coronado and the CMGC.

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