Rules Corner: USGA and the R&A Adopt New Video Review Rules

The USGA and the R&A have unanimously agreed to adopt a new set of protocols for video review when applying the Rules of Golf. 

The group, consisting of the PGA TOUR, LPGA, PGA European Tour, Ladies European Tour and the PGA of America, as well as the governing bodies, will implement the following measures from January 1, 2018:  

    1. Assign one or more officials to monitor the video broadcast of a competition to help identify and resolve Rules issues as they arise.

     2. Discontinue any steps to facilitate or consider viewer call-ins as part of the Rules decision process. 

In addition, the USGA and R&A have approved the adoption of a Local Rule, available from January 1, 2018, to eliminate the additional two-stroke penalty for failing to include a penalty on the score card when the player was unaware of the penalty. All of the organizations represented on the working group will introduce the Local Rule for 2018, and the score card penalty will be permanently removed when the modernized Rules of Golf take effect on January 1. 2019. 

Bill Pultz, CMG Rules Chairman


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