Change in Tournament Meal Voucher Pricing – Tipping Restaurant Staff

One of the major issues facing the Club in 2018 is the uncertainty surrounding the transition to a new restaurant operator in the Clubhouse.  Traditionally, the restaurant operator has worked with the Club to keep the cost of breakfast and lunch as low as possible, however, the cost to the Club for providing meal vouchers during tournaments has remained unchanged for years.  At the beginning of the year, the restaurant approached the Club to renegotiate the cost to provide breakfast, and lunch vouchers to the Club’s members during tournaments.

In prior years, the lunch voucher covered a tip for the restaurant staff.  As a result of the negotiations with the restaurant, and increased the cost to the Club for providing lunch during tournaments, that is no longer true and Club members are reminded to tip the restaurant staff on the value of the meal and drinks ordered.

The Board of Governors will continue to monitor the restaurant transition with an eye on continuing to provide members with a meal option during tournaments while at the same time protecting the financial security of the Club.

Board of Governors

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