July Member/Guest/Member

Congratulations to the team of Paul Schueren and Michael Carleton for winning the one-day Member/Guest/Member tournament with a net 59. 

First Flight:  Jim Powell and Mike Maloney won with a net 61, with the teams of Greg and Brian Enright, Matt Gallagher and Casey Mendoza, Chris McCann and Joe Mears, Steve Kaplan and Jim Lackritz, Ian Langdon and Mike Mendez, and Franc Happ and Dave Rodas tying for 2nd place.

Second Flight:  Schueren and Carleton won, with Jim and Stanley Bacinett in 2nd place and George Johnson and Jerry Fernandez in 3rd place.

Any guest winnings (pool and/or chits) will be included with the member’s accounts.  We had a serious problem with the pace of play, members have to keep up with the group in front, not with the group behind.  Members will be penalized and or excluded from future tournaments.

Thanks to the sold out field of 194 CMGC members who participated on Saturday in hot weather.


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