Jon Dickie, Pat Rolfe, Alan Kulp, and new member, Thomas Brant, Win the New Member Mixer

Congratulations to the team of Jon Dickie, Pat Rolfe, Alan Kulp and new member Thomas Brant which won the 2019 New Member Mixer with a two day net total of 257.

The team of Bill Wilson, Nate Wilson, David Hudson and Randy Dorris came in 2nd place.  The team of CMGC President Ken Hafner, Greg Enright, Brian Enright and Lance DeGrazier came in 3rd place.

Congratulations to Greg Post who had a hole-in-one on #15 on Sunday, he’s buying.   Also a special thanks to 16 new members that played in a soggy Saturday and a much better weather day Sunday for joining the other 150 CMGC members.  Thanks to all for keeping the pace of play for both days.  Remember, keep up with the group in front, not with the group behind.

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