Food and Beverage Survey Results

In December 2018 the Board of Governors (“BoG”) requested a response from club members to a survey primarily focused on our food and beverage offerings during tournaments.  The following provides the results from the survey for your information:

1.  On a scale 1 -10, with 1 being “not at all important” to 10 being “absolutely essential”, how important is it to you to have food and beverages provided at each tournament?  Average: 2.14

2.  If we were to stop providing food and beverages at each tournament, would it impact your willingness to participate in future tournaments?

(a) number responding with “Extremely likely” = 9 

(b) number responding with “Somewhat likely” = 25

(c) number responding with “Not at all likely” = 116

3.  If we were to stop providing food and beverages at each tournament, would you prefer?

(a) number responding with “funds be used for more chits” = 76

(b) number responding with “lowering the entry costs” = 51

(c) number responding with “other” = 17

4.  Rank in order (1 thru 5 with 1 being most important and 5 the least important) the following:

  • Breakfast at Tournaments; average ranking = 3.48
  • Lunch at Tournaments; average ranking = 2.76
  • Drink Tickets at Tournaments; average ranking = 2.52
  • Food and Beverages at General Meetings; average ranking = 3.56
  • Higher Chit payouts; average ranking = 2.72

Your BoG will definitely consider these results (and narratives provided by others but not included here) as we move our club forward in 2019.  We sincerely appreciate your time and excellent inputs.

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