Tony Blatnik and Kirk Ferris Win the March 2-Man Scramble

Congratulations to the team of Tony Blatnik and Kirk Ferris which won the 2019 March 2-Man Scramble with a net score of 62 in a card-off.

First Flight:  Gary O’Hara and Dan Malloy won also with a net 62.  Paul and Matt Determan, Greg Enright and Bobby Braun, Michael Ladd and Chris Striebel, Gareth and Mike Garety, Chris Cuyugan and Joji Mangubat, Keith Hughes and David Kachigian and Rick McGaffigan and Barry Finnerty all tied for 2nd place.

Second Flight:  Tony and Kirk won, with Rob Morgan and Jamie Elwell in 2nd place, with Bob Podoloff and David Bryant, Jan Gosewich and Robert O’Leary and Billy Pirtle and Jack Renshaw all tying for 3rd place. 

The Pro Shop commented that we had numerous 5 hour rounds.  This format should be faster since there are only two balls being played.  Please try to keep rounds to 4 ½ hours at most.  Remember, keep up with the group in front, not with the group behind.

Thanks to all of the CMGC members who participated.

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