2019 March 2-Day Satellite

Congratulations to the team of George Johnson, David Legge, Gerald Fernandez and Jim Barry which won the 2019 March 2-Day Satellite with a net score of 250.

The team of Ed Bastarache, Chris Murray, Steve Koudelka and Scott Everroad came in 2nd place with Bob Emerson, Paul Albitz, Thomas Smith and Dante Togliatti in 3rd place.

Thanks for keeping the time of rounds to less than 4 ½ hours.  Remember, keep up with the group in front, not with the group behind.  Joe Preimesberger had numerous complaints about the bunkers not being raked and not fixing ball marks on the greens.  Always leave the course in better shape than when you arrived.

Also have to mention that Greg Siebenthal’s automated club cart went haywire and ended up in the pond on the 8th hole on Saturday.  Greg, we hope everything has dried out and you get the kinks worked out with that.

Thanks to all of the CMGC members who participated.

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