New Tournament Food and Beverage Procedures

The single greatest challenge facing the Coronado Men’s Golf Club Board of Governors (BoG) over the last couple of years has been providing food and beverage (F&B) services (breakfast, lunch and drinks) during our tournaments while operating within the established budget set each year for those offerings.  Over time we’ve considered many options, including cancelling F&B service altogether, raising dues and/or tournament entry fees, and using other vendors off the premises for our F&B service.   

In December of 2018 we solicited your opinion on the importance and priorities of our F&B services when compared against other tournament benefits such as chits and asked for ideas on what changes you’d like to see.   We’ve considered your input, read through your comments and settled on a few great ideas which will offer our members various alternatives regarding F&B while also allowing the BoG to be fiscally responsible stewards of the Club’s funds.  

Following the reconstruction and reopening of the restaurant, the most obvious changes to tournaments that you will notice include (1) no breakfast buffet; (2) no lunch tickets; and (3) no more drink tickets.  (Suggestion: if you have any drink tickets lingering around, use them as soon as possible.)

Instead, each member will be issued their very own F&B card which will be linked to an individual account established for you within the new restaurant’s (“Feast and Fairways”) accounting system.  Each time you play in a tournament, your account will be credited an amount TBD – current FY19 budget supports approximately $30 to $40 for each tournament, depending on the number of players – that can be used for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and/or drinks.  You can choose to use your credit during the tournament … or not, it’s completely up to you.  Your credits will not expire.  That means you may stockpile credits to take friends and/or family out sometime later rather than use them on tournament days.

Other important points about the F&B card:

  • For the time being, it cannot be used on the course to make purchases from the roaming beverage cart; however, we are working to find a solution that will allow us to include the roaming beverage cart in the F&B card use options.
  • It cannot be used for tips/gratuities; you will have to use your own cash for that, as was the case with the lunch and drink tickets.
  • If the card is lost, stolen or “misplaced,” there will be a $10 replacement charge.

So, for the sake of maintaining comradery among our members, and in support of the new restaurant, we will be offerings you these new choices allowing us to more effectively manage our expenditures, all without raising annual dues or tournament entry fees.  We believe this holistic solution benefits more than just those members who are prone to winning tournaments.  We hope you will appreciate the new way of business and thank you for your input, patience and understanding.

Additional updates will be provided as we get closer to the launch, likely in time for the July tournaments.

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