Mike Gallagher wins the Labor Day Weekend Satellite

Congratulations to Mike Gallagher who won the Labor Day Weekend Satellite with a net score of 63 in a card off.

First Flight:  Franc Happ (late entry) won with a net 65, Bobby Braun came in 2nd place, with Duane Admire in 3rd place.

Second Flight:  Brian Cincotta won with a net 66, Kirt Gilliland came in 2nd place with Don Ryan and Jeff Olson tying for 3rd place.

Third Flight:  Peter Stillman also had a net 63 for 1st place, Garry Yatsko came in 2nd place with Gerald Fernandez in 3rd place.

Fourth Flight:  Mike Gallagher won with Ralph Raya, Tommy Nelson and Rudy Suwara tying for 2nd place.

Thanks to Ted Panos who donated a $50 gift certificate to the Olive Garden for the 9th hole closet to the flag.  Also, thanks to all of the CMGC members who participated.

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