Congratulations to Bob Plumb and Magic Taylor for winning the March Satellite 2-Man Shamble.

Bob Plumb and Magic Taylor won the one day 2-Man Shamble in a card off.

First Flight:  The teams of Mike Maloney and Jim Powell tied with George Blair and David Hudson for 1st place with net 64s with the teams of Paul Albitz and Dante Togliatti, Dennis Morgigno and Don Ryan, Rainer Busch and Jeff Dowell tying for 3rd place. 

Second Flight:  Bob and Magic won in the card off with Nick Cranmer and Shane Durkin, Jan Gosewich and Robert O’Leary tying for 2nd place all with a net 63.

Thanks for the members who participated. Remember, keep up with the group in front, not the group behind. We have a club that follows many rules, make sure you and your group understands each tournament’s rules and requirements and document what is required.

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