Weekend Tournament Tee Times

Why is it so hard to get tee times for the tournaments? COVID. The City requires us to leave the :52 time open each hour because of the COVID. That is 6 tee times, 24 spots. That is almost the exact number that get shut out of the tournaments. What do I do if I get shut out? Send an email the Tournament Chair asking to be put on the waitlist – you will be  listed in the order received. If you don’t get in, you will get priority  for the next tournament. Note- you will no longer be allowed to pick your replacement if someone in your group drops out- the replacement will be the person next up on the waitlist. Why did I get bumped after I signed up? Because either we overestimated the times we would have available, or we had to bump people in order to give times to players waitlisted or bumped in the prior tournament.  If you get bumped and don’t get in you will go to the head of the waitlist and get priority for the next tournament. Remember to remind us when signing up for the next tournament. We are open to hear ideas on making things better. We never had these tee time availability issues before COVID. We assume we will get our times back from the City in the not to distant future and we will be back to the situation that everyone who wants to play will get a time!

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