Signup Changes

The good news is that you don’t have to get up at 5am to sign up. The signup process was never meant to be a race for who signs up first.

The signup process has been changed to more closely match the tournament manual (under the references menu item, if you want to read it). Here’s the relevant part from the manual:

  1. CMGC Board members, significant sponsors, significant consultants and their foursomes, and individual tournament helpers (not their foursomes), will have priority for entry into a tournament over all other applicants.
  2. Assignment of all other starting times will be based upon a blind draw conducted by the Tournament Chairman.
  3. In the event tournaments have more applicants than there are starting times, the Tournament Chairman will post a standby list for those not selected in accordance with either paragraph (1) or (2) above. For 2-Day tournaments only, members who apply for a tournament, prior to the closing of the application period, but remain on the standby list shall be given priority over all others in the blind draw in the next scheduled 2-Day tournament if they apply.

Here’s the new signup process:

  1. You have from 5am to noon of the signup day to sign up. When you sign up during this period does not increase or decrease your chances of getting in the tournament.
  2. Board members (and their foursome) and waiting list members (and their foursome) from the last 2 day tournament will pay immediately, as is done in the current signup process. They are in the tournament.
  3. Everyone else will sign up, but not pay (yet).
  4. After signup completes, those that did not pay are part of a blind draw. Based on the blind draw order, some will be given a tee time and some will be put on the waiting list. Those given a tee time will then pay their tournament fee. (There will be a link to pay on the tee time page next to your name or the first person in your group’s name.)
  5. As cancellations happen, the next waiting list person will be given a tee time and there will be a link next to their name to pay.
  6. On the waiting list, you are a single, not part of your signup group. When you get a tee time, you will pay for yourself, not for your whole signup group.
  7. While the Torrey Men’s Club will try to re-assemble groups after players come off the waiting list, we are not planning to do that, at least initially.

Use the website home page “Tournament Director” link to email the current director to cancel.

For this first tournament of the new signup process, there is no waiting list from the “last 2-day tournament.”

We’ll adjust this process over time, if necessary.

Be patient if there are problems. As you know, new releases of software are seldom perfect.

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