Barry Finnerty and Gerry Susko win the April 2-Day Easter Weekend Tournament

First Flight: Robert Castro and Bill Subang won with Bob Swisher and Mark Daly in 2nd place, Bill Wilson and Randy Dorris, Gary Miles and Jim Barry, Peter Lavallee and Dick Braun, Brian Cincotta and Ruben Huerta all tying for 3rd place. 

Second Flight:  Barry and Gerry won with Jack Renshaw and Brian Walsh in 2nd place with Bob Emerson and Dick Wank tying Bob Podoloff and Michael Flaherty for 3rd place .

As a reminder, Golf Genius will be required with tournaments starting in January and scoring must be done on the course, not afterward. Members must verify the scores from a hard card with the inputted Golf Genius scores before they leave the course. Any errors, changes or missing scores after leaving the course will cause disqualification.

Thanks for the members who participated. It is vital we follow all of the procedures in order to keep our tournaments. Members must use masks in and around the Pro Shop and Clubhouse, and maintain social distancing on the course. The city and county are evaluating all golf courses in order to ensure compliance. And as always, remember, keep up with the group in front of your group. The pace of play could have been better on Sunday. Take care and stay safe.

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