Dante Togliatti wins the CMGC June Satellite in card off.

First Flight: Steve Burchill and Lance DeGrazier tied for 1st place with David Bryant and Matt Determan tying for 3rd place. 

Second Flight: Dante wins in a card off with Franc Happ in 2nd place and Ken Bien in 3rd place.

Third Flight:  Jesus Monzon, WIlliam Watts, Mark Andrews and MIchael Carleton all tied for 1st place.

Fourth Flight:  Paul O’Neil cam in 1st place, Jim Goodwin came in 2nd place with Warren Arnett in 3rd place.

Thanks for the members who participated. It is vital we follow all of the procedures in order to keep our tournaments. And as always, remember, keep up with the group in front of your group. The pace of play was good, let’s keep it that way going forward.

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