Congratulations to Marty Dine for winning the July Satellite

First Flight:  Marty won in a card off with John DeProspo in 2nd place with Lance DeGrazier and Brian Cincotta tying for 3rd place.

Second Flight: Frank Fleming tied with Lenny Fraitag tied for 1st with John Eves and Don Hiney tying for 3rd place.

Third Flight:  Tommy Nelson won with David Koravos and Michael O’Day tying for 2nd place.

Fourth Flight:  Bill Subang won with Mike Williams and Chris Yturralde tying for 2nd place.

It was a different format where the flights were alphabetized. It actually matched the winners if it was done buy handicaps. Thanks for the members who participated. And as always, remember, keep up with the group in front of your group. The pace of play was good, but it could have been better.

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