CMGC Local Handicaps

The CMGC, for a number of reasons summarized below, and within the limits of the USGA’s Handicapping system, has instituted a program that computes a Local Handicap for each club member based on their best five (5) scores in their ten (10) most recent designated(individual low net) CMGC events. Scores over one year old are not included in the calculation.

The CMGC Local Handicap has been developed and updated over the years to provide a fair and effective system for leveling the field, encourage golfers to make the best score possible on each hole, as well as to increase each player’s ability to compete fairly. This system runs in conjunction with current tournament software used to manage our tournaments/major events.

Local Handicaps are in use for all designated CMGC tournaments/major events played at Coronado as determined by the Tournament and Handicap Committees prior to the event. In all such events each member will play to the lesser of their Local Handicap or their current monthly USGA index.