Jim Richardson Wins 2019 Max Leslie Eclectic

Congratulations to Jim Richardson who won the 2019 Max Leslie Eclectic with a net score of 62 in a card-off.

First Flight: John Hoffman won with a net 63, Kevin Paulson came in 2nd place with Paul Albitz and Mark Judd tying for 3rd place.

Second Flight: Ponch Malmberg, Rob Morgan and Rich Kersulis all tied for 1st place with net 63s.

Third Flight: Jim Richardson won with Myles Collins in 2nd place and Creig Greaves and Jesus Monzon tying for 3rd place.

Fourth Flight: Al Erojo won with a net 63 with Tony Blatnik in 2nd place and Ed Pietrzak in 3rd place.

The greens were pretty rough but the pace of play was very good on Sunday. Remember, keep up with the group in front, not with the group behind.

Thanks to all of the CMGC members who participated.

May 7th Semi-Annual General Meeting Cancelled

Due to the uncertainty regarding the reopening of the restaurant, the CMGC Board of Governors has canceled the General Meeting scheduled for May 7, 2019.  Instead, please look for web announcements, emails, and/or postings at the club, as these will serve in place of the General Meeting to ensure communication of the higher priority club issues and efforts during this time.  Thank you for your support and patience as we roll with the impacts of the restaurant reconstruction.

Ken Hafner, President

2019 March 2-Day Satellite

Congratulations to the team of George Johnson, David Legge, Gerald Fernandez and Jim Barry which won the 2019 March 2-Day Satellite with a net score of 250.

The team of Ed Bastarache, Chris Murray, Steve Koudelka and Scott Everroad came in 2nd place with Bob Emerson, Paul Albitz, Thomas Smith and Dante Togliatti in 3rd place.

Thanks for keeping the time of rounds to less than 4 ½ hours.  Remember, keep up with the group in front, not with the group behind.  Joe Preimesberger had numerous complaints about the bunkers not being raked and not fixing ball marks on the greens.  Always leave the course in better shape than when you arrived.

Also have to mention that Greg Siebenthal’s automated club cart went haywire and ended up in the pond on the 8th hole on Saturday.  Greg, we hope everything has dried out and you get the kinks worked out with that.

Thanks to all of the CMGC members who participated.

Tony Blatnik and Kirk Ferris Win the March 2-Man Scramble

Congratulations to the team of Tony Blatnik and Kirk Ferris which won the 2019 March 2-Man Scramble with a net score of 62 in a card-off.

First Flight:  Gary O’Hara and Dan Malloy won also with a net 62.  Paul and Matt Determan, Greg Enright and Bobby Braun, Michael Ladd and Chris Striebel, Gareth and Mike Garety, Chris Cuyugan and Joji Mangubat, Keith Hughes and David Kachigian and Rick McGaffigan and Barry Finnerty all tied for 2nd place.

Second Flight:  Tony and Kirk won, with Rob Morgan and Jamie Elwell in 2nd place, with Bob Podoloff and David Bryant, Jan Gosewich and Robert O’Leary and Billy Pirtle and Jack Renshaw all tying for 3rd place. 

The Pro Shop commented that we had numerous 5 hour rounds.  This format should be faster since there are only two balls being played.  Please try to keep rounds to 4 ½ hours at most.  Remember, keep up with the group in front, not with the group behind.

Thanks to all of the CMGC members who participated.

David Koravos wins 2019 President’s Cup

Congratulations to the two-time past club champion David Koravos who won the 2019 President’s Cup tournament with a net score of 136.  David shot one under his age on Sunday with a gross 71.  A trophy with David’s name on it will be presented at the November General Member Meeting.

First Flight:  David won with Paul Albitz in 2nd place and Ian Langdon in 3rd place.

Second Flight:  Al Kulp won with a net 140 with Rob Morgan in 2nd place and Ed Bastarache and Jim Bennet tying for 3rd place. 

Third Flight:  Magic Taylor tied with Bob Stuermer  for 1st place with a net 139 and Brian Longmore in 3rd place. 

Fourth Flight:  Bob Lucas tied with Dick Watts for 1st place with a net 141 and Jeff Olson in 3rd place. 

A special thanks to Ted Panos for donating four $50 gift cards for the closet to flag on #9.  Remember, keep up with the group in front, not with the group behind.

Thanks to all of the CMGC members who participated over the very chilly weekend.

Restaurant Reconstruction Impacts

Not only will the restaurant be inaccessible to us during the reconstruction, but the Coronado Men’s Club Room will be unavailable as well.  As you can expect, this will have an impact on the normal tournament operations.  Players should expect to see fewer food offerings, fewer Player’s Pool opportunities, and no check-in table, among other things, during this period of reconstruction.  The Board of Governors has decided to redirect a majority of the funds normally used for food and beverage to the chit/prize fund pool for each tournament conducted during the reconstruction period.  This will prove to be inconvenient for all of us and we ask for your patience and understanding as we navigate our way ahead.

Food and Beverage Survey Results

In December 2018 the Board of Governors (“BoG”) requested a response from club members to a survey primarily focused on our food and beverage offerings during tournaments.  The following provides the results from the survey for your information:

1.  On a scale 1 -10, with 1 being “not at all important” to 10 being “absolutely essential”, how important is it to you to have food and beverages provided at each tournament?  Average: 2.14

2.  If we were to stop providing food and beverages at each tournament, would it impact your willingness to participate in future tournaments?

(a) number responding with “Extremely likely” = 9 

(b) number responding with “Somewhat likely” = 25

(c) number responding with “Not at all likely” = 116

3.  If we were to stop providing food and beverages at each tournament, would you prefer?

(a) number responding with “funds be used for more chits” = 76

(b) number responding with “lowering the entry costs” = 51

(c) number responding with “other” = 17

4.  Rank in order (1 thru 5 with 1 being most important and 5 the least important) the following:

  • Breakfast at Tournaments; average ranking = 3.48
  • Lunch at Tournaments; average ranking = 2.76
  • Drink Tickets at Tournaments; average ranking = 2.52
  • Food and Beverages at General Meetings; average ranking = 3.56
  • Higher Chit payouts; average ranking = 2.72

Your BoG will definitely consider these results (and narratives provided by others but not included here) as we move our club forward in 2019.  We sincerely appreciate your time and excellent inputs.

Celebration of Life for Clem Lee

As many of you know, Coronado Men’s Club member, Clem Lee, passed in November 2018. 

Clem was born on January 29, 1935 in Arkansas.  He was raised in Corcoran, California with his 10 siblings and loving parents.  He spent his later years as a loving husband, father, grandfather, lover of golf, lifetime Detroit Tiger and Fresno State Bulldog enthusiast, and friend to all he met.  The world was a better place with The Clemster in it, and he will be lovingly missed by those he adored, and that had the honor of loving him.

There is going to be a Celebration of Life of Clem Lee at the Coronado Boathouse on Sunday, Jan 20, from 12:30 – 3:30 PM.  The Boathouse is located 1985 Strand Way, past the Coronado Community/Recreation Center at the south end of the Glorietta Bay Park.

Clem is survived by his best friend and wife of 40 years, Susan Lee, his 6 children, 13 grandchildren, and 9 great grandchildren. 

Local Rules Update

Please note the CMGC Rules Committee has updated CMGC Local Rules which may be found under the References tab.  The CMGC Rules Committee has adopted the new rule for a lost ball or a ball out of bounds.  These rules will be in effect for all tournaments after January 15th, 2019.

Jon Dickie, Pat Rolfe, Alan Kulp, and new member, Thomas Brant, Win the New Member Mixer

Congratulations to the team of Jon Dickie, Pat Rolfe, Alan Kulp and new member Thomas Brant which won the 2019 New Member Mixer with a two day net total of 257.

The team of Bill Wilson, Nate Wilson, David Hudson and Randy Dorris came in 2nd place.  The team of CMGC President Ken Hafner, Greg Enright, Brian Enright and Lance DeGrazier came in 3rd place.

Congratulations to Greg Post who had a hole-in-one on #15 on Sunday, he’s buying.   Also a special thanks to 16 new members that played in a soggy Saturday and a much better weather day Sunday for joining the other 150 CMGC members.  Thanks to all for keeping the pace of play for both days.  Remember, keep up with the group in front, not with the group behind.