Congratulations to Brian Enright, winner of the Board of Governors Tournament.

Congratulations to Brian Enright for winning the Board of Governors tournament in a card off. Brian had 79 points in the Stableford point system.

First Flight:  Ian Langdon won with Chris Blair, Rick Elliott, Torin O’Sullivan and Tyson Pathak tying for 2nd place.

Second Flight: Brian won with Ed Bastarache in 2nd place and Dennis Morgigno in 3rd place.

Third Flight: Steven Klein won with Art Duffey, Marc McCloskey and Alan Johanns tying for 2nd place.

Fourth Flight: Warren Arnett won with Pat Walsh and Robert O’Leary tying for in 2nd place.

As always, thanks to the members who participated. And as always, remember, keep up with the group in front of your group. The pace of play was overall good, thanks.

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