Message from CMGC President

Hello Coronado Club Members,

I hope everyone is having a healthy and enjoyable spring. We are off to an outstanding year of golf. I want to congratulate our 2022 tournament winners and make you aware of the new date for our general meeting. I and the Board of Governors would like to thank each and everyone of you for making our club one of the most desirable golf clubs to be associated with.

2022 winners so far this year…

  • New Member Mixer:  George Blair, David Hudson, Randy Dorris, Bill Wilson
  • February Satellite:  Kirk  Ferris
  • President’s Cup:  Ed Pietrzak
  • March Satellite:  Bob Emerson, Dante Togliatti, Dick Wank, Richard Asher
  • Max Leslie:  Roman Lansang

Semi – Annual Meeting Update:

The meeting is now scheduled for Tuesday, May 3rd at 5:00 pm. The Board looks forward to seeing you there and sharing a more detailed update on our club.

Best regards!

Brian Enright

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