Presidents Message

Dear members,

I hope everyone is having an enjoyable and safe Spring Season.  I wanted to share out a few updates prior to our semi-annual meeting scheduled for 5 pm Tuesday 5/9/23.  We encourage all members to attend.  The meeting is a nice social event and a great opportunity to meet other members.

Despite all the severe weather, we’ve been fortunate not to have to cancel any of our rounds.   Tournaments have been going smoothly and the pace of play has been good.  The Board has received several inquiries on why we encourage speedy play?  The short answer is that the golf course is totally booked on weekends and public tee times are scheduled as soon as our last group tees off and we would like the last CMGC foursome to enjoy their round as much as the first foursome.  Coronado Golf Course is the 9th busiest golf course in the Nation.  We would hate to lose any of the Club’s tee times going forward.  

I would like to congratulate all the winners of last year’s major tournaments.  

President’s Cup:  Edward Pietrzak

Max Leslie:  Roman Lansing

SCGA Four Ball:  Keith Hughes, David Kachigian

Senior Club Champion:  Randy Dorris

Super Senior Octogenarian:  Edward Pietrzak 

Member, Member:  Edward Pietrzak, Francis Fleming

Club Champion: Torin O’Sullivan

Board of Governors: Brian Enright 

Savvy Huffman:  Matt Gallagher, Casey Mendoza

We will be handling out trophies at the General Meeting.  Ed, you may need some assistance carrying all your hardware out of the meeting.

I would like to give general clarification on a few of our course’s rules.

1. The driving range fences are in play.  If you are unable to play your ball, you will need to take a drop no closer to the hole and incur a one shot penalty.

2.  If your ball rest on hardscape, you are entitled a free drop. All dirt paths are in play.  Example:  The dirt path that runs the length on the right side of the 18th fairway is in-play. You may play from the path or take a drop, no closer to the hole and incur a one shot penalty.

3. Tree Roots:  To prevent potential injury from tree roots anywhere on the golf course, a player may take relief – nearest point of relief within the same course condition of the original ball.  This rule would not apply to standing on a tree root or if your ball is unplayable and stymied by a tree.

Our local rules are posted on the website under the Reference tab.

Lastly I would like to thank all our Board Members and volunteers.  We take great pride of our amazing Golf Club.   Please reach out to myself or any other Board Member with questions, concerns or suggestions.

I look forward to seeing everyone at our General Meeting next month.

Brian Enright 

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