1. SCORECARDS – a written scorecard must be used (but not turned in) to validate the scores in the Golf Genius app.  You may choose to find and print your group scorecard in attached pdf, or you may use a course scorecard.  After each hole one person in your group must enter the GROSS scores in GG scoring app during play to keep live leaderboard updated.  Play the tee box noted by your name on the scorecard. Putts must be holed out for the tournament format qualifying scores.
  2. SCORE VALIDATION – Before leaving the golf course your group must confirm and agree that all scores have been entered in to Golf Genius, AND the scores match your groups validation scorecard.  Once you depart, the GG scores will be considered finalized.  Incomplete scores in GG will be Disqualified. 
  3. PACE OF PLAY – Play ready golf and go to next tee to hit after you’re done putting.  MIND THE GAP and keep up with group in front of you.  Your group Pace of Play will be monitored on course marshals and verified by Golf Genius. Marshals will be given instructions to first give a warning if your group is 1 full hole behind.  If a second warning is given for still being behind, the marshal will notify the tournament director to be reviewed for a possible 1 shot penalty to all players in the group.
  4. Ball retrieval from hole etiquette – Please be careful pulling you ball out of the cup so as not to damage the edges. 
  5. Cancellation or No-Show – immediately notify the tournament chairman that your tee time spot is available. If you cancel before Wednesday night before the tournament, you’ll get a refund. Sometime on Wednesday night, the roster is set and money is added to your restaurant card. After this process is started, no refunds will be issued.
  6. Golf Genius scoring app not working? If you have an issue with the Golf Genius scoring app not working, please uninstall and reinstall the app from your phone play store.  Here is a video on how to use the app. https://www.youtube.com/embed/pS8fctE8wWU

RULES CLARIFICATION for Out-of-Bounds on #13 and #17: If a ball is hit towards the O.B. stakes on #13 or #17, the following options are available:

  • If ball is O.B. accept a 2-shot penalty on the tee shot and take a 2 club length relief in the fairway from the point where ball crossed the white line (not where the ball is found at rest)
  • Hit a provisional from tee box and play the provisional if 1st ball is O.B., or play the original ball if it’s found in play NOTE: if the provisional is also hit towards O.B. player must hit another provisional from tee box.  Once a provisional is put in-play after first tee ball, the option to take fairway relief is no longer available.  If the player does not play again from the tee box they are DQ’d (except in a Stableford where the player can take a net double bogey for zero points).