Memorial Service for Past President Colin McInnes

There will be a Masonic service for Colin on January 22nd at 11am at the Scottish Rite building in Mission Valley followed by a reception. I would be honoured if any of his golfing friends would like to attend. Thank you.

Maureen McInnes

Tee Assignment for 2022

To All CMGC Members,

The Board of Governors has voted to re-define the requirements to play from the forward Green Tees. Golf should be fun and as our age goes up it appears our club distances goes the other way. If you have not been able to reach holes in regulation, especially the par 4’s in 2 shots, you may want to consider moving to the Green tees.

Enrollment to play from the Green Tee will happen only once a year, in January, before the first event.

1) Golfers at age 65+ as of December 31st 2021 have the choice to remain on the White Tees or can choose to move forward to the Green Tees. When you choose your tee assignment for the year it will be for Wednesday play as well as our weekend tournaments.

2) If you are 65+ and want to play from the Green Tee, you must respond by email to  no later than 1/9/2022 stating your request to move to the Green Tees

3) No action is needed if you are 65+ and want to continue playing from the White Tees.

NOTE 1: Moving to the Green Tees at Coronado is a 2-shotdifference in course rating (70.2 vs 68.3)

Please use the formula below to determine what your handicap will be from white or green tees.

NOTE2: Choosing to play from the Green Tee will remain the same for every event the whole year and cannot be changed between events during the year. Changes can only happen in January each year.

NOTE 3: If you are turning 65 later in the year you will have to wait until the next January enrollment period to request moving forward to the Green Tees

Thank you.

Board of Governors

Player index is 12.5.
This player is on the White Mens tee, the slope is 117, the rating is 70.2 and the par is 72.
The Course Handicap is calculated as index * slope / 113 = 12.5 * 117 / 113 = 12.942….

The CR – P adjustment of 70.2 – 72 = -1.8 is applied. The resulting Course Handicap is 11.142….
After rounding, the Playing Handicap is 11.

Player index is 12.5.
This player is on the Green Mens tee, the slope is 113, the rating is 68.3 and the par is 72.
The Course Handicap is calculated as index * slope / 113 = 12.5 * 113 / 113 = 12.5.

The CR – P adjustment of 68.3 – 72 = -3.7 is applied. The resulting Course Handicap is 8.8.
After rounding, the Playing Handicap is 9.

Coronado Men’s Golf Club’s Charter President

RADM Leon “Savvy” Huffman is the namesake of the CMGC November golf tournament.

The tournament was established in 1959 by Admiral Leon Huffman and Admiral Maxwell Leslie (the namesake of our March tournament) as the doubles tournament now called The Savvy Huffman tournament.

Savvy was a graduate of the US Naval Academy class of 1922. His first warship command was in 1937 with the submarine USS Pickerel (SS-177).

In the early days of World War Two, he served aboard the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga (CV-3)

During the Guadalcanal campaign of 1942, Admiral Huffman later commanded the battleship USS New Jersey (BB-62) before being named Commander, Submarine Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet (COMSUBPAC) in 1955. 

Rear Admiral Huffman retired from the Navy in 1958 after a long distinguished 36-year career serving our country.  He then devoted his time and efforts to serving his community of Coronado where he’d resided dating back to 1941.

Thanks to Ed Pietrzak and Bill Thiele for their Contributions!

Brian Enright wins Board of Governor’s Tournament

First Flight: Ken Hafner and Steve Burchill tied for 1st place with Steve Mahoney in 3rd place.

Second Flight:  Brian won with a total 78 Stableford points, David Hudson came in 2nd place with Don Ryan in 3rd place.  

Third Flight: Dick Watts and Pat Rolfe tied for 1st place with Stephan Dupourque in 3rd place.

Fourth Flight:  Frank Fleming, Bruce Castetter, Rainer Busch, Dave Kephart and John Casey all tied.

Thanks for the members who participated. As always, remember, keep up with the group in front of your group. The pace of play was very good, let’s keep it that way going forward.


Members of the Coronado Golf Club –

We are looking forward to seeing you all again at the Farmers Insurance Open!! As you know, the golf tournament is one of the big civic events in San Diego each year. This year, we have another great civic event happening in the Breeders’ Cup taking place at the Del Mar Racetrack. They are in the need of some support, and, as San Diego’s most impactful annual event, we want to also support another great event.

The Breeders’ Cup, horse-racing’s “Super Bowl,” is coming to back to Del Mar in early November, and they need volunteer drivers to drive VIPs between select hotels, the Del Mar racetrack, and various other designated venues. Vehicles (large SUVs) will be provided, and drivers are needed for approximately 5 hour shifts from November 1 through November 6. 

The Breeder’s Cup has teamed up with the Farmers Insurance Open and here’s the GREAT news – for every shift you work, you will get a ticket to the Farmers Insurance Open!  Drive two shifts, get two tickets.  Have a few friends who want to do a shift together?  You will each get a ticket and can go to the Farmers Insurance Open together.

The Breeders’ Cup is a huge event for San Diego and a great economic driver for our city.  You will be doing a great civic duty while you earn Farmers Insurance Open tickets!  As well, for every shift you drive a donation will be made to the ASYMCA, a local charity benefitting various Military causes in our community. 

It’s simple – sign up here and provide:

·      A copy of your full driver’s license showing all information on it.

·      A copy of your COVID-19 vaccination card (you must be fully vaccinated by 15 OCT 2021).

·      A signed copy of your completed “Breeders’ Cup Safe Driver Form” (request from

You may email those documents within three business days of signing up to volunteer to or fax them to 619-532-6824.

Please contact one of our fellow members, Tim Young ( if you have any questions, or simply sign up at the link above and send in the documents.   Have fun and thanks in advance for your support for San Diego and the Century Club of San Diego!

The Century Club of San Diego

Congratulations to Randy Dorris for winning the 2021 CMGC Championship.

Scratch Flight: Randy won with a gross two day score of -2, John Hoffman came in 2nd with Paul Albitz in 3rd.

First Flight:  Ken Hafner came in 1st place with Alan Kulp in 2nd place and Roy Burchill in 3rd.

Second Flight: Brian Cincotta won with Paul Gargan and Lawerence McJannet tying for 2nd place.

Third Flight:  Pat Rolfe and Marc McCloskey tied for 1st place with Frank Fleming in 3rd.

Thanks for the members who participated. It is vital we follow all of the procedures in order to keep our tournaments. And as always, remember, keep up with the group in front of your group. The pace of play was good, but it could have been better.