Know the Rules: When is a ball lost?

There is often a misunderstanding as to when a ball is lost. Some players think you can declare a ball to be lost. As you can see from the definition of when a ball is lost it is not lost by declaration. Here is the definition:

Lost Ball

A ball is deemed “lost” if:

  1. It is not found or identified as his by the player within five minutes after the player’s sideor his or their caddieshave begun to search for it; or
  2. The player has made a strokeat a provisional ballfrom the place where the original ball is likely to be or from a point nearer the hole than that place (see Rule 27-2b); or
  3. The player has put another ball into play under penalty of stroke and distance under Rule 26-1a27-1or 28a; or
  4. The player has put another ball into play because it is known or virtually certain that the ball, which has not been found, has been moved by an outside agency(see Rule 18-1), is in an obstruction(see Rule 24-3), is in an abnormal ground condition (see Rule 25-1c) or is in a water hazard (see Rule 26-1b or c); or
  5. The player has made a strokeat a substituted ball.

Time spent in playing a wrong ball is not counted in the five-minute period allowed for search.

Bill Pultz, CMGC Rules Chairman

Labor Day Satellite and Club Championship Qualifier Results

Club Championship Qualifier & Flight 1: Dillon Hakes won the Club Championship Qualifier with a gross 69, John Hoffman was in 2nd place and Ken Kubis in 3rd place. Additionally, Franc Happ, Daryl Green (last year’s Club Champion), John Tinsley, Tim Justice (who won the sudden death playoff) and  CMGC Board of Governor Ken Hafner all qualified for the Club Championship Match Play event.

The CMGC Club Championship will be contested on September 23rd and 24th.

Flight 2: Ken McLeod, Roman Lansang, Mike Kruger and Leo Papas tied for 1st place with net 68’s.

Flight 3: Robert Bixby, Jon Dickie and George Johnson tied for 1st place in flight 3 also with net 68’s.

Flight 4: Clem Lee won flight 4 with a net 66, Kenneth Peterson and Bill O’Connor tied for 2nd place.

Thanks to all 130 CMGC Members who participated on Labor Day Satellite and Club Championship Qualifier.

Koravos and Bien Close Strong to Win the Ron Yarbrough Member-Member Classic

The Ron Yarbrough Member-Member Classic was played August 19-20 with a field of 145 Members competing in two flights.

The team of Ken Bien and David Koravos won Flight 1 and the tournament with a net eclectic 56, including 6 gross birdies on Sunday!  The teams of Bill Wilson and Randy Dorris, Jeff Olson and Ronald Scurr, David Paulsen and Glenn Miller tied for 2nd place with a net eclectic 58.

The teams of Mike and Matt Gallagher with Alan Grogan and Emmett Coe tied to win Flight 2 with a net eclectic 57.  The teams of David Kephart and Ted Taylor and Rainer Busch and Jeff Armstrong tied for 2nd place with a net eclectic 58.

The Board of Governors invited Ron Yarbrough to play in the event, but unfortunately he was not able to participate this year.  The CMGC BOG want to thank and honor Ron for his years of service to the City of Coronado and the CMGC.

ATTENTION CMGC MEMBERS: 2018 Dues Renewals begin September 1, 2017

CMGC Members, you will be able to pay your dues on-line through the CMGC web site. For those few Members that don’t have internet access, you may also renew by making a check payable to CMGC noting 2018 CMGC Membership Renewal.

You pay this fee on-line beginning Sept. 1, 2017 or you can send a check in this amount to CMGC Membership: P.O. Box 180055Coronado, Ca 92178-0055

  • Dues for calendar year 2018 are $160.00 if paid not later than September 30, 2017.
  • Beginning October 1, 2017 and ending October 31, 2017 you will still be able to pay your dues, however there is a $25.00 fee for paying late. So, if you pay in October your dues will be $185.00.
  • If you are currently a “Life Member” (80+ years old) or if you turned 80 in 2017 and have been a CMGC Member for at least 5 years you do not need to pay annual dues. If you wish to maintain your handicap through the SCGA you will need to pay the $36.00 fee.

Failure to pay your dues by October 31, will result in you being dropped from the club effective December 31, 2017.