Wednesday Men’s Day

To reserve a tee time each player must pre-register to access the Golf Genius Tee Sheet, by sending an email at least 5 days in advance to: with the following contact info:

       Name, Email, GHIN # (if you have one) & Phone #

Once a player is registered, that player will have access to the weekly tee sheet on Golf Genius, to sign in and try to procure a time for the following week.

Every Tuesday evening at 7:30 PM, eight days prior to the following Wednesday morning play, Golf Genius registered Wednesday players may log into to randomly search for available tee times.  Tee Times are blocked from 7:00 AM to 10:52 AM and no one person may sign up for more than one starting time (however, a player may sign up to 3 more playing partners in the same group).  

In addition, the Coronado Men’s Golf Club runs a Wednesday men’s club game for CMGC members only who choose to play.  The entry fee is $10.00.  Players are required to enter scores into the Golf Genius mobile scoring app while on course.  Members are expected to follow the USGA Rules of Golf and Coronado Local Rules as their guide.  A written scorecard must be kept to be validated against the GG scores before leaving the golf course.  A list of the CMGC Wed weekly games is on the GG portal. 

Have fun and Enjoy Golfing!


NEW:  If a CMGC member shows up on Wednesday morning to take the place of another player on the tee sheet, and that player wants to play in the $10 game, then they must;

    1) pay $10 in the pro shop,

    2) make sure pro shop staff writes their name on the check-in tee sheet,

    3) scores must be entered in Golf Genius mobile scoring app to win money and get posted to GHIN by GG.


Here is the Wed League procedures (starting at the Tuesday evening Golf Genius open tee time reservations):


1)  Tuesday Evenings:  the 7:30pm open tee time reservations continue as is (no change), but if you don’t get a spot and want to play next week Wed, CMGC members can send an email to Don to be put on the wait list.  (


2)  Wednesday-Sunday NOON:  you must send any player name changes or cancellations to Don.  He will correct the GG tee sheet and he will fill any open spots from the wait list. 


3) Sunday After 2:00 PM – the GG tee sheet is handed over to the pro shop:

      a. all late changes or cancellations must still be done by emailing Don – DO NOT CALL PROSHOP

      b. Don will add your sub or any waitlisted players, and Don will notify the Pro shop


4) Tuesday Afternoon – the FINAL GG tee sheet is handed over to the pro shop:

      a. email Don with ANY late changes and he will try to fill players from the waitlist – DO NOT CALL PROSHOP

      b. also once the GG scorecards are set up the Wed $10 CMGC game is closed for additions

      c. If your name is not on the pro shop tee sheet, you can not walk up to replace someone else who is confirmed to play.


5) Wednesday Morning – if you’re on the Tee Sheet and can not make it to play, YOU CALL PROSHOP to cancel.

There is a separate Hole in One insurance game, where the pot is paid to the member who scores a Hole-In-One on any hole and has pre-paid the $2.00 insurance fee and is in the daily $10 club game (Split pot if more than one in the same round by separate players)                         

Thank you all for cooperating with these procedures and keeping in good standing with the Coronado Golf course and our Wednesday Men’s Day.



Don Ryan & Steve Koudelka